What's New

v1.4.1 (Latest/Current Version)

Map Layer Updates

  • Improved visibility of State and County Boundary layer features.
  • Improved visibility of NWM Stream Analysis layer features at higher zoom levels

Map Interface Updates

  • Added USGS Gauge layer to layers loaded by default.
  • Added a scale bar at bottom-left of the map interface.
  • Added a "help" popover for the map Information pane.
  • Added a "Default View" button to Layer List menu that resets the map display.
  • Added timezone to all time values displayed.
  • Added a vertical line (green) to the forecast chart that indicates current time.
  • Added ability to permalink a forecast chart.
  • Added ability to export forecast chart.
  • Improved default layer display to draw the NWM Reservoir layer on top of all others.
  • Improved "New Layer"/"Layer Select" to list all available layers, filtering by type only if a type has been selected by the user.
  • Improved basemap list to indicate light grey basemap is active on initial page load.
  • Improved default opacity from 100% to 50% for layers: NWM Land Analysis, National Snow Analysis.
  • Improved "help" popover display on mobile devices.
  • Improved UI styling on mobile devices.
  • Improved reliability of layer timestamp bar display.
  • Improved default map layer display order; the order is now fixed.
  • Improved displayed precision for y-axis labels in the forecast chart.

Image Viewer

  • Improved image loading for devices running iOS.


Map Layer Additions

  • Added USGS gauge location layer to Geographic Overlay category in layer selection. This layer contains only gauges that used to assimilate data in the NWM Stream Analysis layer.

Map Interface Updates

  • Layer List UI updates to streamline functionality and improve visibility.
  • Layer list can be collapsed/expanded using the Hide/Show buttons in the upper corner of the layer list.
  • Added the light grey basemap to the basemap list.
  • Downloads, Information, Legends and Navigation consolidated under a new Menu dropdown to allow greater visibility to map.
  • Added map click responses on NWM Stream Analysis, Warnings and Watches, and Snow Analysis layers.
  • Upgraded UI to use ESRI 4.0 api including many updates to the map look and feel.

National Water Model (NWM)

  • Update NWM Stream Analysis and NWM Land Analysis layers to use NWM version 1.1 output.
  • Update site for NWM 1.1 output service changes and API responses.
  • Added NWM reservoirs to the list of default layers.


Forecast Chart

  • The forecast chart title now displays a reach name, city, postal code, and region identifier about the selected reach.
    Note: Some reaches do not have names and location information may not be able to be determined by ESRI's geocode service.

Map Interface Updates

  • The navigation tab's location search feature now includes the ability to search by reach ID.


Forecast Chart

  • In the metadata tab, latitudes and longitudes are now rounded to 4 decimal places and valid time is now referred to as reference time.
  • In the configuration tab, the forecast configuration controls are now called time series controls, and the controls have been restyled.
  • The chart now displays analysis data along with short range data by default.
  • The coloring of the lines on the chart is now dictated by which time series they represent (analysis, short range, medium range, or long range).

Map Interface Updates

  • The following layers have been added to the mapping interface:
    • Geographic Overlay -> NWS Watches and Warnings
    • Geographic Overlay -> U.S. Census States and Counties
    • Prototype National Water Model -> NWM River Network Analysis
    • Prototype National Water Model -> NWM Land Analysis
  • The Prototype National Water Model -> NWM River Network layer has been removed.
  • There are now minimize buttons () in the upper right corner the expandable/collapsible panes that can be used to collapse open windows.
  • Increased the default zoom level when the interface is being used on a desktop, laptop, or other high-resolution devices.
  • The map layer description pop-up now includes direct links to the map service that drives the layer (if they are a layer driven by a map service).

Image Viewer Updates

  • A link to detailed documentation and a survey have been added to the page.
  • A new precipitation is available in the dataset menu.
  • A legend can now be toggled when viewing the imagery in case the legend at the bottom of the image cannot be seen.